The Magic of Agriculture: Discover the Farmer Phil Show Across the Midwest

Bringing the Wonder of Agriculture to Life: The Farmer Phil Show

Explore the fields of magic and learning with the Farmer Phil Ag-Magic Show, a captivating blend of comedy, magic, and agricultural education designed to delight audiences across the Midwest.

From the rolling plains of Missouri to the vibrant communities of Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, and Minnesota, Farmer Phil's calendar is filling up! He is on a mission to bring agricultural magic to fairs and festivals, making each event a memorable experience for families and communities.

Why You Can't Miss The Farmer Phil Show

  1. Educational & Entertaining: Learn fascinating agricultural facts and history through visually stunning magic and comedy.
  2. Family-Friendly Fun: Engage in an experience that's perfect for the entire family, with interactive elements that bring the audience into the magic.
  3. A Shared Experience: Live entertainment is all about being in the moment! Phil provides an experience the crowds always remember!

The Magic of Agriculture Awaits

The Farmer Phil Show is more than just a performance; it's an educational journey wrapped in laughter and wonder, perfect for anyone looking to experience the magic of agriculture. With a heart for education and a knack for entertainment, Farmer Phil is eager to share the marvels of farming and food production through spellbinding magic and engaging storytelling.

Join us as we tour the Midwest, bringing communities together to celebrate the wonders of agriculture in a way that's never been seen before. 

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