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Family Focused Ag Education that is MAGICAL!

Welcome to the Farmer Phil Website!

Dive into a world of comedy, magic, and learning with The Farmer Phil Show, your go-to source for agricultural magic at county fairs. 

With years of experience and a passion for both entertainment and education, I specialize in bringing a unique blend of magic and agricultural ...

Building Community at Your Fair!

The Farmer Phil Show stands out as a premier attraction at fairs and festivals, offering an engaging and fun experience for audiences of all ages. Phil, the man behind the magic, is dedicated to more than just performing a comedy magic show; he's passionate about fostering a sense of community and educating ...

Why Choose Phil?

Phil has Got Skill!

Phil understands that people learn best while watching! That's why the show is a visual feast of incredible juggling, sleight of hand, surprises, and audience interaction that fairgoers will remember for years to come!


Phil has clear Ag-Education objectives that every fairgoer will remember. Do you know which president put America on the path to science-based agriculture? Can you name the leader known as the Mule President? Do you understand what the USDA does? Have you ever wondered if "Cow Tipping" is real? Join The Farmer Phil Show, and you'll find answers to these questions and many more!

Easy to Work With

Phil is easy to work with. He is no prima donna. Having worked on stage for over 22 years, he have vast experience in writing and presenting for live family audiences. We promise collaboration will be a breeze!


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